My Top Life Hacks that make my life a little easier

top life hacks
I’m a software consultant and project manager.  As such, I am busy and need to find time each day.  I try to be as optimized as I can be with tools such as my task manager and my methods for getting things done.  But there are things that I have discovered over the past 8 years or so that have made my life a bit simpler and faster.
Please let me know in the comments if you have any other cool life hacks that make things easier for you.  That being said, here is my collection of My Top Life Hacks that make my life a little easier.  (I am sure there will be follow-on posts as I learn new things and tools!)


Rocketmiles – Earn lots of Airline Miles when you book a hotel; most any program.  You and I both get 1000 miles when you signup with this link.
Tripit – Great site for organizing your travel.  Just send your travel itineraries to pl***@tr****.com and you are set.  If you are using Concur it is automatically added.  Be sure to get the App for your phone.
Trusted Traveler Program: Little known US Border Protection program that, for $100, allows you to bypass the lines and use a machine to enter the US.  Side benefit is that they are partnered with TSA, so you get expedited security in a lot of airports domestically.  5 year program.


UberConference – Great, Free, Easy conferences where you can see the people attending on a web page.  You register your number, so when you dial in, conference is started and no pin needed.  Link provides extra phone slots and other features to me when you sign up.  You can share and get more features as well



I don’t have the links, but if you go to the Appstore for Apple or the Play store for Google, I am sure you will be able to find them.

MobileDay – Autodial conferences and pin codes based on info in your google calendar.  Can’t live without it.
Waze – Such a great app that Google spent a Billion dollars on it…  It is a crowd sourced GPS app.  What does that mean? Well everyone using it contributes to the information about highway speeds and also can point out cops, traffic jams, construction etc., so that it intelligently route you around all of the nonsense so that you arrive in the fastest manner.  Absolutely love it!
TVFoodMaps – Just for Fun and dining… This app allows you to pinpoint all of the restaurants that have been featured on TV.  Shows such as Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Restaurant Impossible, and others are all here.  So when you are in a strange city, get a recommendation from your favorite Food TV host.
More to come!

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