Review: Samsonite Midtown Backpack

I’ve decided that I will start putting reviews of various products and services I use here on the site.  I typically only write about things I like, but I may put some reviews that are more honest. To begin, I’m going to start with a purchase that I just received last night.  As you may know from my post on travel, I get around, all over the country and world.

I have been using computer bags, gifted backpacks and various other satchels for hauling my laptop around all my business travels.  The last one I had said Samsonite on it, but I am fairly confident it was a cheap Chinese knockoff.  The zipper ties continually pull loose as the metal that secures it to the zipper is easily bent.  I finally gave up on it and decided to invest in a real Samsonite back.

I did a lot of research on Amazon and came to the conclusion that Continue reading “Review: Samsonite Midtown Backpack”