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Since last fall, I’ve been hooked on Periscope live streams.  For those of you that don’t know, Periscope is a site that Twitter acquired a few years ago.  It has continued to grow and has a very active community.  Similar to Facebook-Live or Instagram-Live (you can see my IG photos here), Periscope is, in my opinion, the largest and best community of live streamers.

Speaking of community, I’ve been following a number of “scopers” and have developed friendships around the world.  It is fun to watch these people as they go about their lives on cam.   From a school teacher in Japan (yes you Kim!) to a domestic worker, Nikki, in Hong Kong, a Japanese lady, Saki, demonstrating Japanese Culture and Kimonos,  or even a dog walker, Darren, in Sydney Australia.  I could go on and on, but if you visit my Twitter feed (@cshaul), you will see a number of reposts from some of my favorite live streamers!

These engaging and informative broadcasts become addictive.  I’ll briefly share my progression into the Periscope world.  I started watching scopes sometime in 2015.  I don’t remember exactly.  I was not really participating in the conversation (yes you can have a two-way dialog with people).   Then sometime last year, I started engaging with my regular scope favorites.  Then I went to Japan and while I was there, I met one of these scopers and she encouraged me to try scoping.  I scoffed at it, but then after returning to the US, I gave it a try.  It was/is fun.  You essentially video whatever it is you are doing, in my case most of my scopes are at the dog park with my Dalmation Sogo.  Then you have a dialog with viewers.  It’s fun!

I will write more about scoping, Periscope and other topics in the near future. But in the meanwhile here are a few of my recent scopes for you to check out.  I should point out that Periscope is primarily a mobile app.  While you can watch on the web, most people are watching on their phone, which is a better experience.

Check out my Scopes from Today: (note: these are previews, click on them to see the proper screen proportion)

Recent Periscope Live Streams

From a few days ago when I was traveling:

From Last Month:

If you go to either my Periscope Page or my Twitter account, where you can find a lot more Periscope Live Streams.  Please be sure to follow me to get my latest scope broadcasts!