Top Cloud Computing Providers that I recommend

I work in the Cloud. What is “The Cloud”? It is a collection of computing services that you can access from any place and from any device. You can store your data in a virtual storage location and use your phone, a computer, or a tablet to access it. Music, documents, databases are all now accessible in the cloud. I am always being asked about what tools and vendors I recommend for people who want to use the cloud. Here are my top top cloud computing providers recommendations:

My List of the Top Cloud Computing Providers:

Staying Organized

Nozbe – A great solution for staying organized and getting things done.  I would be lost without this one.  I keep track of my Projects, Tasks, and all the various things floating in my mind.  Get them out of the mind and into a system. Keeps the brain free for more creative tasks.

Evernote – Capture everything, and I mean everything, in Evernote.  Coolest feature is the ability to OCR (recognize writing) on photos of whiteboards.  I use it for meeting notes, a place to capture scans, storing restaurant info, web clippings, etc.  All searchable, like my own personal Google repository.  In fact, it integrates with Continue reading “Top Cloud Computing Providers that I recommend”

5 Things to Expect from Crossfit

Crossfit ® became part of my life just over a year ago. It has been one hell of a journey and it is continuing for me. During this past year, I have learned a lot, I have grown physically and mentally, but most of all I have become fit. I’m not anywhere near my fitness goals, but I am on my way. I have learned some things about Crossfit that I thought I would share here, most importantly, what people should expect when they start doing Crossfit.  I should note that I do not work for a Crossfit gym or have any other relationship with them, other than being a paying member.  I am just sharing my experience here on how it has changed my life for the better.

First, let me tell you my story on this Crossfit journey.  I began a couple years ago weighing in at 274.   This was not something I wanted, the overweight guy who started huffing and puffing running up a few stairs.  You see, my father died at age 54 and was well over 300 lbs for a long time.   He was also an alcoholic and due to his physical situation, he was at least a dozen meds.  Back in the 80’s there was no real control over the pharmaceuticals that a patient was taking, so different doctors prescribing different medicines was a recipe for disaster.   This is what we think killed him, but the weight and the prior heart problems didn’t help.

Despite knowing all of this, I swore I would not follow his path. Continue reading “5 Things to Expect from Crossfit”

Why Lifelong Learning is Important and Three Things You should Know

Lifelong learning is a way of living that I work to continue each year. It is one of three areas that I work on maintaining in my life. The other two are growing my fitness level and building a strong spiritual base.

When developing the theme of this blog, I wanted to focus in on the things that I am always trying to expand, my mind, my body, and my spirit. I learned of these three themes years ago as a child at the YMCA. My parents used to send me there in the summer for camp, where I made friends and learned new things. I have since moved on from my days as a camper at the “Y”, but these three principles remain with me.

One should always work to make sure that these three areas are always in balance. Unfortunately, it is easy to become unbalanced. Focusing entirely on learning and expanding the mind, while neglecting the spiritual aspects of our lives can be detrimental. Focusing in on becoming scholarly or entirely absorbed in learning our jobs, while neglecting our physical health is also not good. Continue reading “Why Lifelong Learning is Important and Three Things You should Know”

Five Steps to Improve your Communication Skills

Last night I witnessed something that got me self-reflecting.  I saw a blatant case of today’s detached society in action.  Here is my actual post from FB/Twitter:

“Just witnessed another sad LA way of living: 3 people having dinner together, all talking on the cell to someone else.”

I think it is sad that we have to live in a society that promotes this way of being.  I know I have been guilty of this myself.  Checking emails on the phone while sitting with someone; or, simply thinking of what I need to do once I am back at the computer while trying to have a conversation with someone else.

Life is too fast and is getting more so.  We need to cope with a slew of sensory inputs and mental stimuli.   With so much going on externally and in your head, how can you improve your communication skills?  Here are some things that I focus on. Continue reading “Five Steps to Improve your Communication Skills”

Welcome to the new and revised

The old site was essentially a bunch of re-hashed rss feeds from my other sites.  As such, I am going to re-start and put some blogging effort into this site to make it interesting and worthwhile of your time.

I will be blogging on various topics, including:

  • Explore:  How to enhance our humanity and spirit
  • Learn:  How to expand our Minds
  • Grow: Discover how to be fitter and healthier
As this is a new direction, I’m not entirely sure where it will go, but it is my goal that all the articles here will be engaging, thought provoking, inspiring and in some way motivate people to do or be something a little different than where they are now.   Please join me in this exploration.  Follow me on Twitter or Google+ or Facebook.
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