Five Steps to Improve your Communication Skills

Last night I witnessed something that got me self-reflecting.  I saw a blatant case of today’s detached society in action.  Here is my actual post from FB/Twitter:

“Just witnessed another sad LA way of living: 3 people having dinner together, all talking on the cell to someone else.”

I think it is sad that we have to live in a society that promotes this way of being.  I know I have been guilty of this myself.  Checking emails on the phone while sitting with someone; or, simply thinking of what I need to do once I am back at the computer while trying to have a conversation with someone else.

Life is too fast and is getting more so.  We need to cope with a slew of sensory inputs and mental stimuli.   With so much going on externally and in your head, how can you improve your communication skills?  Here are some things that I focus on. Continue reading “Five Steps to Improve your Communication Skills”

Welcome to the new and revised

The old site was essentially a bunch of re-hashed rss feeds from my other sites.  As such, I am going to re-start and put some blogging effort into this site to make it interesting and worthwhile of your time.

I will be blogging on various topics, including:

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As this is a new direction, I’m not entirely sure where it will go, but it is my goal that all the articles here will be engaging, thought provoking, inspiring and in some way motivate people to do or be something a little different than where they are now.   Please join me in this exploration.  Follow me on Twitter or Google+ or Facebook.
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